When you turn the ignition on and step on the gas pedal, what happens? Several things. Among then, the fuel pump sends gas from the tank to the engine. It does so efficiently unless something goes wrong. As with many parts in a car, things can and do go awry. If you know the common signs of fuel pump issues, you may be able to service the part before it entirely fails.

If the engine doesn't receive the proper amount of fuel, it won't function the way it should. Smooth operation ceases, as the vehicle loses power and sputters at times. Such indicators point to a problem a driver must not ignore. Consider surging, an instance where a car inexplicably picks up speed can be frightening. The fuel pump may be the cause.

Again, never brush off any problems with a car's operation. Overheating, stalling, and low gas mileage are not normal things. The fuel pump or another part could be the root of the issues.

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