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Find High-Quality, Lightly-Used Cars in our CARFAX 1-Owned Inventory in Shingle Springs, CO

At Shingle Springs Honda, we have a well-stocked selection of used cars, with dozens of choices from our signature brand and a variety of other popular makes available as well. Some of the most high-quality used vehicles we must offer come backed by a CARFAX® One-Owner Report, which means that they have only had one previous owner and will have many more miles left in them. Shop our CARFAX 1-Owner inventory at Shingle Springs Honda and visit us at our dealership on Mother Lode Drive today for more information. You will find us less than 25 minutes outside of Folsom, CA.

What is a CARFAX 1-Owner?

A CARFAX® 1-Owner Report simply verifies that the used car you're interested in has only changed hands once previously. Used vehicles with this report tend to be like-new and low-mileage, so you will often find something to last you a great while in this collection.

Benefits of CARFAX 1-Owner Used Cars

  • Clearer History: Used cars that have changed multiple hands will have multiple CARFAX reports, so some crucial info might slip through the cracks. Likewise, not every previous owner of that used car might have treated it as well or stayed on top of its maintenance requirements. A CARFAX 1-Owner Report gives you a clearer view of a car's history and is less likely to have discrepancies of any kind.
  • Fewer Long-Term Issues: Even previous owners of a used car might not know about its long-term repair needs. Many components do not require repair until much later in a car's lifespan or may not require immediate attention when the owner goes to sell it. Some owners may choose to sell their car simply to avoid upcoming service issues and long-term care.
  • Fewer Previous Users: This may not be a dealbreaker to some drivers, but some might feel more comfortable knowing that their vehicle has had as few previous owners as possible. Everyone has different driving styles, the long-term effects of which might not always be clear when merely observing a car's condition with your eyes.
  • It should be noted that a used car with multiple previous owners is not always the red flag people make it seem. Some drivers simply need something bigger, more fuel efficient, or newer, so they trade in their cars once every few years regardless of their conditions. Many of our CARFAX 1-Owner used cars were leased cars returned to us by your neighbors in the Shingle Springs or Roseville, CA area. A leased Honda will have low odometer mileage and a 1-Owner certification.

    Honda Certified Value

    Many of our CARFAX 1-Owner vehicles are Honda Certified Pre-Owned models. With the HondaTrue program, you can enjoy more benefits with you used car than you might with other used choices. Newer Honda certified models come backed by a comprehensive 182-point inspection process, the remainder of their new vehicle limited warranty, and an additional seven years/100,000 miles of powertrain coverage. Even mid-level certified used Honda models undergo a comprehensive inspection process and come with some excellent benefits as well.

    Start Your Deal Online for Success

    When you find a used car you like, we encourage you to start the financing process from home using the Shingle Springs Honda E-Z Deal system. With this handy digital retail system, you can save lots of time that would otherwise be wasted at the dealership filling out paperwork. You can complete all major aspects of financing or leasing from your home in El Dorado Hills, CA, by calculating your monthly payments, getting a trade-in estimate, and applying for financing approval.

    Enjoy A High-Quality Used Car Today

    We invite you to start your deal online and complete the process of buying a used CARFAX® 1-Owner car here at Shingle Springs Honda. You will find our dealership here in the Shingle Springs, CA area, conveniently less than 15 minutes outside of Placerville, CA. See you soon!

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